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Who We Are

IROION is a UK based Company and Hong Kong manufacturer technology house, specializing in deep drawing technology hardware and software development for the next generation of not just cool but truly useful apps, gadgets, products, and systems. United by the belief that innovation and time to market are the biggest challenges facing businesses today, IROION is built for invention and speed. IROION is part of a project: Worldwide, a global network of engineers, coders, craftsmen, and artists.

Designed For

Our company adopts 500 tons of hydraulic integral molding 

IROION manufactures using the 500T hydraulic pressure machine called deep drawing technology, Which leaves no joint cracks, the cost is 200% higher than bending luggage(Many copied products are using bending technology). The surface is treated with two grinding & dazzle anodizing, the oxidation film is more than 12 micron, the abrasive resistance is 30% higher than other brands using joint technology.  

30 Years

Our factory has more than 30 years researching and developing history with deep drawing aluminum materials, our patent luggage design combines higher strength, better sealing, and lightweight. Our newest product only weighs in at 3.7kg, much lighter than PC+aluminum frame cases. Our patent mold is designed and developed in-house all other plastic parts used are imported.


IROION™ stands behind the quality of everything we sell. Our products are fully Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.


Everything we make was designed to be traveled with. See if it fits return it anytime within the first 60 Days of purchase.


Our wide variety of carry-on luggage allows you to avoid baggage fees-traveling with a carry-on means traveling with ease.